With years of experience in woodworking, manufacturing and 3D design we can help you bring your ideas to life. With the help of additive manufacturing, generative design and 3D rendering we are able to help you realize your project and provide photo-realistic renders of the end result without investing large amounts of time and materials.

the rocking chair

Have a seat in our most comfortable rocking chair design. This one is made from laminated solid walnut wood. These are the curves you've been looking for. 

Cassette table

This is our solid wood design of the Cassete Coffee Table. Made from high quality mahogany and provided with multiple custom features. Made by Kunst & Fijnhout and now for sale at Doogan Records Den Bosch. 


Lets push fine woodworking skills to the limits. This table based on platonic geometry gives the impression of an optical illusion. Two intersecting tetrahedra supporting a glass surface which enables you to look at this geometry from all angles. Made by Robb Bruins

THE Empire State

This commissioned project to make a accurate scale model of the monumental Empire State building certainly was a challenge we couldn't decline. Especially when we heard the interior of this solid wood building would function as a beautiful liquor cabinet. Made from solid walnut and maple by Robb Bruins

Stellar ISocahedron

An astronomical map consisting of 20.000 stars and 48 western constellations projected on a platonic solid called the isocahedron. Align it's axis and point it to Polaris and this geometry depicts an accurate representation of the night skies. Made by Robb Bruins